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Our dustless floor sanding system reduces the risk of dust pollution to virtually nil. Gone are the endless hours of cleaning up after your floors have been sanded. Our system also leaves no unsightly sanding marks, like dips and swirls caused by old fashioned sanding systems.

Once sanded, all floors are then levelled completely with a secondary sanding system; thus eliminating the second most common complaint from customers: that of swirl marks and sanding dips.

Should your floor have missing boards, as most period houses have, we can replace these and ‘colour match’ in new floor boards. Stair cases are not a problem, either sanding both the top and riser or just sanding the top and then painting the riser.

Floor Sanding & Wooden Floor Cleaning > Key Services
- Dustless floor sanding in Norwich and Norfolk
- Wooden floor sanding, cleaning, and polishing
- Landlord's contract floor sanding, cleaning, and polishing
- Laminate and stone floor cleaning and polishing
- Floor board replacement, staining, and colour matching
- Wooden stair case sanding, cleaning, and polishing

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"Thank you Gary, the colour match is near perfect, you’ve even picked out the orange from the bannister. Thanks once again, the finish is completely beyond our expectation."
Dr Benson, Christchurch Rd, Norwich.
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