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"Thank you Gary, the floor has come up really well, in the hall + cloakroom. You know your stuff on wood flooring; will give you a ring in November to the rest of the house."
Mr Lee, Swardeston, Norfolk.

"Thank you Gary, the colour match is near perfect, youve even picked out the orange from the bannister.  Thanks once again, the finish is completely beyond our expectation."
Dr Benson, Christchurch Rd, Norwich.

"The dustless system really works Gary, I thought you were exaggerating when you said thered be no dust and the wife and I were expecting quite a lot of dusting after you finished. We certainly wont hesitate recommending you."
Mr & Mrs Porter, Sheringham, Norfolk.

"Good job Gary, David and I are so pleased with the herring bone floor; also, the Norfolk pamments you restored and sealed look a treat we cant believe all that paint and glue came off, were so grateful to you and Martin."
Mr & Mrs Edmunds, Wymondham, Norfolk.

"The Oak floor looks great Gary, and the parquet you sanded is spectacular, its been a real pleasure having you in the house."
Mrs Canning, Sunningdale, Norwich.

"All my visitors have commented on how good the stairs look, the stair carpet you fitted looks stunning. I have given everyone your card."
Mrs Mann, Dereham.

"The restaurant floor looks good, thanks for re-varnishing it, and it seems completely dry, Ill make sure we do it every year. All the repairs are good and well get you to sand the bar top in the new year."
Mrs Raffles, St Benedicts Restaurant, St Benidects Street, Norwich, Norfolk.

"Thanks Gary, the lounge and kitchen look great, the waxoil finish you applied works really well, good job Gary."
Mr J. Sharples, Drayton, Norwich, Norfolk

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The Aaarvark Floor Sanding system is virtually dust free ensuring the minimum of disruption at your home or business.

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